Export to PPTX for JIRA Documentation

Export to PPTX for Jira lets you automatically create Microsoft Powerpoint PPTX presentation from a group of Issues or an individual Issue in JIRA. It creates presentations with one slide for each ticket and you can customize exactly what fields of the ticket are displayed and how, using either the built in default template or a simple to create template of your own.

Export from Issue search page

  1. Press the Export button on the Issue search page

  2. Select Export to PPTX


  3. Follow the Generic Export Steps


Export from individual Issue page

  1. Select the more actions ellipsis and then select Export to PPTX


  2. Follow the Generic Export Steps


Generic Export Steps

  1. Either

    1. Select which template to use from the dropdown

    2. Upload a new template. See Creating a new PPTX Template

  2. (optional) If using the Default template then use the checkboxes to select which fields should be exported. If you are using a custom template then you will not need to do this.

  3. Press The Export button


Creating a new PPTX Template

  1. The uploaded file can have any number of slides, but only the first slide with an “issue.fieldName” text on it will be copied and templated for each issue. The replaceable slide will keep its position in the presentation.

  2. To have fields shown in a particular text box or location insert the text issue.fieldName, replacing “fieldName” with the name of the field you wish to have displayed there. For example: issue.key

  3. You can see which field names are available for your selected ticket in the “Name of field” column on the Export to PPTX page.

  4. On the Export to PPTX page, click the Choose file button.

  5. Select your template PPTX file

  6. Then press the Upload Template button

  7. Once uploaded, you will receive a notification and the new template will be automatically selected. You can then proceed with step 3 of the Generic Export Steps.

Example Template Presentation

You can download an example template presentation here:

Image Attachments

In custom templates, the text “issue.attachment” will be replaced with all image attachments for each issue. These images will be sized to fill as much of the textbox containing “issue.attachment” text whilst maintaining their aspect ratio.

Additionally, you can add the text “|caption” and each image will have the title of the image as a caption below it. To achieve this you need the text in a textbox to be “issue.attachment|caption”.

Table of Contents

You can add a slide which has a table of contents and will be populated with a line for each issue you export.

To signify that a text box should be used for the table of contents, it must start with the text “issues.each:”, then the remaining text can be used to layout the table of contents exactly how you want it setup. You can use references to fields as you would in normal slide templates except that instead of writing “issue.fieldName” you need to write “issues.fieldName” with the extra “s” after issue. In addition you can use “issues.page_num” to get a reference to the page of the presentation that the issue is displayed on.

For example if you setup the following in a slide for your table of contents:


Then this will be processed and exported as the following:


For any further assistance, please email exporttopptx@grovr.co.uk