Grovr Apps for Atlassian Confluence and Jira

Grovr is a builder of multiple apps and plugins for Atlassian Confluence and Jira.


App Name



App Name



Csv to Table for Confluence

Easily turn CSV data and files into sortable Confluence tables

Presentation Exports for Confluence

Export Confluence pages and their children to Powerpoint and landscape PDFs

PlantUML SVG for Confluence

Produces SVG PlantUML diagrams allowing users to zoom and pan

Export to PPTX for Jira

Create Microsoft Powerpoint PPTX presentations of your JIRA issues

Your Glossary for Confluence

Quickly look up words and acronyms using definitions from your existing Confluence pages

Page Owner for Confluence

Easily see who owns and is responsible for every Confluence page

External Attachments Mirror for Confluence

Mirror/sync page attachments from urls of external files

Custom Code Highlight for Confluence

Allows you to paste in code and keep the formatting whilst highlighting the most important parts of the code that you want to bring people's attention to.

Acronym Finder for Confluence

Unearth definitions of acronyms hidden within all your historic and current Confluence pages

Table View Powered by Apache Parquet for Confluence

Display Apache Parquet files in tables in Confluence

CSV to Chart for Confluence

Display charts and graphs in Confluence pages from CSV data

Mongo Connector for Confluence

Display your Mongo database data directly in Confluence

Smart Values for Confluence

Easily include information about the Page inline in your Confluence Pages

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