Page Owner for Confluence Documentation

Changing the Owner of an individual page

  1. Locate the Page Owner display at the top of the page

  2. Click anywhere on the Page Owner text

  3. The following popup should appear

  4. Scroll or search to find the User you want to own the page

  5. Click on that user to select them

  6. Click the Submit button

  7. Wait for the Submit button to finish spinning

  8. The popup will close and the Page Owner text will be updated

Bulk changing all pages owned by one user to all be owned by another user

  1. Click on the Apps tab at the top of Confluence

  2. Select Manage Apps

  3. Select Page Owner Bulk Change

  4. You should see the following page

  5. First select the User you want to change the pages from in the first select box, only Users who own pages will be listed

  6. Then select the User to change the Page Owner to by scrolling or searching

  7. Once both users are selected, press the Submit button

  8. Wait for the Submit button to stop spinning and all the changes will have been made