Table Aligner for Confluence Documentation

Table Aligner for Confluence gives you complete control over where to align the contents of your table cells, importantly allowing you to align the contents vertically in the middle as well as other options.


Here’s how to use it:

  1. Start typing “/tablealigner” and select Table Aligner.

  2. Use the default Confluence control to insert a table into the body of the Table Aligner Macro or copy and paste the Table from elsewhere.

  3. Bring up the edit controls at the bottom of the macro by clicking on the Macro.

  4. Press the edit button

  5. You should see the following options on the right of your page.

  6. Select what alignment options you want both vertically and horizontally. Your changes won’t be reflected in the table on the edit page, only when you Publish the page.

  7. After publishing you will see your table aligned as you want on your Confluence Page.